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HALF DAY TOUR: Elephant training course

Tour code: BD 001

One day tour is too long, two – three programs are too much, I want to relax. If you want to relax, easy, or you doesn’t have so much time but you want to play with a big friends, to help them. It can be or not? Or I want to rest in the morning and do a tour in the afternoon, or I have a flight in the afternoon / evening flight.

     This is a plan for half day elephant training course. You will learn about the nature of the elephant. What do they eat? How long they live? ...etc? How to be a mahout, how to command the elephant? You will  enjoy to play with them, feeding, brushing and ride bareback.

     If you doesn't like to ride on the elephant, you only need to pet them , to play with them. We can offer you to the elephant sanctuary who rescue the elephant, a family who have an elephant from generation to generation and not offer elephant ride.


Morning course: pick up at your hotel lobby at 07:30 am.

Afternoon course: pick up at your hotel lobby at 12:00 am.

         After pick up, we continue to local market for buying some fruits and bananas for your big friends.

         Up on arrival change your dress to be a mahout outfit ( will be provide by elephant sanctuary ).

         Learn about the elephant. How to command the elephant as a mahout. Feeding , brushing, ride bareback and play with them.

         This course will be 2 hours activities with the elephant.

         Relax before we are back to the hotel.

Tour price includes:

        All entrance fees / tickets as mentioned in the program.

        All activities as mentioned in the program.

        Bottle of water in our car.

        Refreshing towels.

        Travel insurance according to TAT standard.

        Banana or sugarcane for your elephants.

        English speaking tour guide. or other language as required

Tour price not includes:

         Anything else.

         Tip giving to your driver, guide and other local suppliers is highly appreciated.

What to brings:

        Dry clothes, towels, water sport shoes or sandals.

        Other set of your underwear (you may need to change after the end of elephant activities).

        Sun lotion. And Insect repellent.

What to wear:

         T-shirt and short pants. (Be ready for an active and funny day)


(minimum 2 person )

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